Bianca Beltramello | Estasi di San Sebastiano
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estati san sebastiano bianca beltramello

Estasi di San Sebastiano

(Matita bianca, pennarello e acrilico su cartone)

St. Sebastian has always been represented as a semi-naked young man, which has an intrinsically-erotic connotation.
The figure has also been connected with homosexuality due to the symbolism suggested by the arrows penetrating his flesh.

Therefore, it is easy to decontextualise his figure.

In this artwork, Saint Sebastian is pictured during his mystical ecstasy and vision of the divine. The arrow, as a medium of body and soul penetration, is assimilated to the “Ecstasy of Saint Therese” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Saint Sebastian’s halo melted on his head and dripped on his body: this represents the mystical-ecstatic feeling transformed into a bodily and erotic sensation. The vision of divine springs from lust, and sin becomes a way to an ultramundane dimension.



27 marzo 2017


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