Bianca Beltramello is an artist and fashion designer.

She has always been dedicated to painting, using mixed media, then moving to digital art. Art for her is everything, a passion and reason to live.

She finds a way to give practical use to her art through fashion illustration. Fashion is now her world and job, after graduating from Istituto Marangoni.

Bianca is especially involved in textile design, creating artworks and patterns for her clothes, which become wearable art. However, rationality and functionality are never put aside, and each garment should be useful, not only beautiful.

Her close attention to details lead Bianca to design buttons and jewels which could perfectly complement her garments. In her collections, nothing is left to chance.


Cabinet of Curiosities – jewelry collection

Cabinet Of Curiosities is the result of a collaboration between  fashion designer Bianca Beltramello and artisan concept store L’Officina del Sole.

Starting from the common interest for everything antique, unusual, with a fascinating story waiting to be told, the collection is based on baroque and historical aesthetics. The starting inspirations for this mood are wunderkammers, rooms in which collectors preserve their personal selection of rarities and curiosities. These peculiar objects inspire the design of every jewel.

Lover’s Eyes, Georgian love tokens, are recalled in miniature frames, containing a small eye portrait. Antique sacred art objects, originally recovered from deconsecrated churches, appear in gold halos. The concept of specimen and fossils, preserved under glass bells, are depicted with nautiluses, seahorses and turritellas. Each of them is a special object, with its own story, worthy of being displayed in a wunderkammer.

Another factor that contributes at making the jewels unique is the realization process. Artisan Lorenzo Para handcrafted every single piece by using the ancient papier-mâché technique. High quality paper is preventively crushed, macerated, boiled and then kneaded with natural glues, creating an incoherent conglomerate. This mixture finds its coherence by being manipulated and compressed by the artisan’s fingers, who presses it against a negative mould. The compound is left to dry in a special ventilated oven, while the artisan is continuously intervening in order to avoid shape loss. The raw artifact, extremely lightweight, is then laminated with a galvanic method in 24k gold or palladium.

Each jewel is unique and special because of its artisanal nature. The same passion for uniqueness associates Bianca and Lorenzo in this collection, in which nothing is ordinary or impersonal, but rather expressive of a strong identity.